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Piinu Nuuchi SkatePark

Welcome to the Piinu Nuuchi Skate Park Informational page. This park is free to all community members. We ask that you follow the rules and show respect and kindness to your fellow skaters. Thank you.

Color Run Liability Waiver


  • Hours of Operation (Dawn till Dusk)
  • Wearing helmets is mandatory while using this park.
  • Property is maintained by 24 hour video surveillance.
  • Restrooms are seasonal.

Skatepark Rules:


  1. Use at your own risk.  Southern Ute Indian Tribe is not responsible for injuries or theft.
  2. Show your kindness and respect.
  3. Play your music, please no offensive language.
  4. Supervise children under the age of 12.
  5. Dispose your trash properly
  6. Wear closed toe shoes and shirts
  7. Remain outside of the park if you are a spectator.
  8. Skateboards, inline skates, scooters and bikes are allowed.  (no pegs)


  1. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco/vaping or drugs; ARE PROHIBITED.
  2. No food or glass containers in skatepark.
  3. Tagging or placement of stickers is prohibited.
  4. Gang and/or gang activity is strictly prohibited at this park.
  5. Outside obstacles are not allowed in the skatepark.
  6. Altering of park surfaces/waxing surfaces is prohibited.
  7. Pets or motorize equipment are not allowed.
  8. Loitering is not allowed after facility is closed.


  1. Failure to comply with the rules may result in suspension from the facility.
  2. This facility may be closed by SunUte for reasons such as weather, maintenance, etc.
  3. Contests or competitions are prohibited unless sanctioned by SunUte.

Call SunUte @ 970-563-0214 to report any problems with the skatepark.

Call SUPD @ 970-563-0225 if you need police assistance.

Call 911 immediately if there is an emergency.

Thank you Southern Ute Indian Tribe for providing this beautiful park!

Visit Today

591 Ute. Rd Ignacio, CO 81137 • 970-563-0214


This skatepark was constructed and finished in 2020. Before that there was years of planning that took place with past Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council, Tribal Council & Southern Ute Tribal Members. This took a span of 10 years to bring to life.
skatepark construction
skatepark construction
skatepark construction

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