General Information

Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years of age. All toddlers must have an adult pool side supervising them. Anyone requiring any sort of flotation must have an adult within arms reach of them.Aquatics Swimmer

  • All children will be required to pass a swim test to be able to swim in water above their head.
  • Average pool temperature: approximately 83 degrees
  • Spa/hot tub temperature: approximately 102 degrees
  • Sauna temperature: variable
  • We provide exercise equipment for adults to use. You must bring your own goggles.

Birthday Parties

We can host your birthday parties! Food and drink must be kept outside on the patio or in the hallway at the picnic benches. There is no extra charge to use the pool area for a party; please call ahead so that we can prepare and have enough lifeguards on duty.

SunUte now carries Warm Belly Wetsuits. Our pool staff can tell you all about this wonderful new addition to our merchandise offerings.

Warm Bellies 2016

Ignacio, CO